Parent's inability to act.

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It just amazes me how some parents are so lazy, so self-indulged that they won't get up off their fat asses to try to better their child's life. It amazes me. Why do parents let their children fall so far behind that when they do try to act it becomes a nightmare and, ultimately, impossible? Why?

Earlier today my mother phoned a great-aunt who has a grandchild performing horrendously in school. He has ADHD and is at a grade 3 reading level. He is 15 and supposedly in grade 10. When I first heard this I was amazed that his parents had just started asking questions about whether or not he may have more problems than just ADHD. How can this inability to act be justified? How can anyone try to justify their actions by allowing their child to suffer? It amazes me. So now I am being tasked with a job to try and talk to this boy and his parents and to try to get them "help." This help will only allow the boy to come to the realization that his parents failed him, and now he is left to suffer. At least, as my mother will say, he is better now.

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