Krim's new drummer


My favorite up-and-comming band, Krim, now has a new drummer. Tobias Wiik is his name and he should help to create new and better songs with the remaining members.

The Swedish band's songs may be downloaded for free, and with their permission, from

In Preparation for my speech...


I started sharing my presentation with my mom. I said exactly what I was going to say. The reason for doing this was because I cannot stand the woman. So, by doing this, I effectively created a situation where I did not want to be and wanted out as fast as possible. She told me to move out of her way and shut-up for a bit since putting uncooked cookies into the oven is an extremely difficult task. While reading/talking to her she told me to slow down and use a clearer voice. This turned out to be the most positive thing she's said in 3 weeks, so I thanked her.

For future presentations I will create a similar situation where I'd prefer to be as far away from as possible. Hopefully this will turn out to be good for my presentation on Wednesday...

Evil Presentation


No, it isn't an "evil" presentation, rather it is a presentation ON evil. Why? Well, part of my Independent Study, and summative, for English is an oral presentation which constitutes approximately 5% of my final mark. What I need to do is have "a presentation on a topic of interest from your novel." I read A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. Burgess touches the topic of evil in the novel so I though, "Why not do evil?" Everyone can relate to evil, people are generally interested in evil while seeing it almost every day. So why not?

The presentation itself doesn't have to be too long, 15 minutes of speaking and using visual/audio aids such as showing a clip from a movie. I just finished typing-up my notes (4 pages) and finished the PowerPoint presentation. Now all I need to do is rent the film from Rogers, fast forward the tape to where I want it and voila! I present on Wednesday, so I think I've done some good organizing on my part.

On matters concerning the blog; I've added some neat stuff to the side and plan on adding more in the near future.

Parent's inability to act.


It just amazes me how some parents are so lazy, so self-indulged that they won't get up off their fat asses to try to better their child's life. It amazes me. Why do parents let their children fall so far behind that when they do try to act it becomes a nightmare and, ultimately, impossible? Why?

Earlier today my mother phoned a great-aunt who has a grandchild performing horrendously in school. He has ADHD and is at a grade 3 reading level. He is 15 and supposedly in grade 10. When I first heard this I was amazed that his parents had just started asking questions about whether or not he may have more problems than just ADHD. How can this inability to act be justified? How can anyone try to justify their actions by allowing their child to suffer? It amazes me. So now I am being tasked with a job to try and talk to this boy and his parents and to try to get them "help." This help will only allow the boy to come to the realization that his parents failed him, and now he is left to suffer. At least, as my mother will say, he is better now.

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